Samien Fitness has been fitted with one of the UKs leading gym equipment companies Primal. Each machine has been hand picked by the owners. We have full changing, toilet and shower facilities with plenty of lockers to secure your valuables.


Area 1

1,500 sq ft Deadlift proof matting
8 Station Cable Crossover
2 x Lat Pull Down
2 x Seated Back row
2 x Tricep Pushdown
2 x Adjustable cable
Mag Grips
3 x Squat/Power racks
3 x Olympic lifting platforms
Sissy Squat
Smith Machine
Calf Machine
Glute Bridge GHD
Lying Leg Curl
Leg Extension
Leg Curl



Area 2

1,500sq ft Deadlift proof matting
Dumbbells from 2.5kg - 50kg
4 x Adjustable Benches
1 x Olympic bench press
Dip Bar
Pull Up Dip Bar (Captains Chair)
Iso Back Row
Iso Chest Press   
Iso Leg Press 
Iso Shoulder Press
Iso Lat Pulldown
Duel Cable Crossover
EZ Bars
3 Treadmills


Area 3

Assault Bike
Rower (Concept 2)
40mq Turf
Dumbbells from 1-10kg
Full set of Kettlebells
Full set of Slam Balls
Full set of Resistance Bands
Power Bags
Foam Rollers
Yoga Mats

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